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January 04, 2008


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everyone knows about that isn't "little known"

Is this suppose to be humorous ? Philadelphia was a huge movie. Tom was already a star, there was no soft porno, Springstein wrote a hit song and Denzil built his star potential. And Antonio was just gorgeous, no matter which team his character played for.

I knew that Tom Hanks was gay. Just listen to him talk and his mannerisms

Tom Hanks won an OSCAR for the movie. It was a great movie. Whoever is trying to make something bad out of this movie is a moron.

The author of this article is not as smart as my dog. My dog is stupid.

Gay exploitation? Well how dare they make movies about cancer. How dare they!! This is one of the problems with the right to free speach...people are allowed to prove how dumb they are lol. Everyone knows about this movie.

To timothy Greer: Just listen to him talk? and his mannerisms? That is the determining factor if someone is gay or not? The ignorance of people make me want to vomit sometimes.

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