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November 11, 2007


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Great Blog. Hilary is hiding more then a big butt.

Bring on da bootie!

It's due to road food. What is road food? All the crappy food you get at franchise resturants. During traveling, this is mostly what is available. And Hillary has been traveling, eating road food for over a year now. And her butt is getting huge.

Hillary needs: More exercise, grains, fruits, vegtables, , lean white meat, no fats, no sugar etc. Very little alcohol. What she needs is a person who shops for food for her, who prepare healthy meals. She really needs to begin getting some exercise.

Remember: most all deaths in the US are due to clogged veins. Good luck and good eating!

She is hiding WAY more than a big butt! Although, it would be interesting to see her wear something OTHER than a pants suit that covers her up in a way that makes her look like a gigantic eggplant.


Hillary, we can't blame you you for wearing pant suits, how else can you hide your huge butt, and hips, you might want to transfer some of that fat to the chest area, it will give you more of a hour glass figure, suitable to wearing feminine dresses.

One can't blame a gal for her massive buttocks, gang.

a lovely comely woman with huge buttocks, no fault of her, but why hide it with pant suits. We love you Hillary, but take this advice, you would really be a knock out for seniors, if you build up your breasts, corseted your hips and buttocks, and wore lady like dresses, and you will have all of us drooling, and possibly amply fill the Presidents chair someday. Don't worry about the thick ankles, all men remember their mothers who came in all shape and sizes, and today they only remember their beauty, which you have in abundance, which will more than make up for the extra fat in the wrong places.

Have you been turned down by other lenders?

I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.

just the sort of Swiftboating I would expect from Republicans

I happen to think Hillary has a very nice back yard.It spacious.Big enuf for plenty of recreational doodads.Big enuf 4 a tramopline,swing set,swimming pool,bench press,patio,builtin grill.A shed.Who wouldnt want sompn like that.Id love to play n hillaries back yard!!

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